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H.E. Ambassador Constancio Pinto currently is the Minister for Commerce,Industry and Environment, prior to this post, Ambassador Pinto served as  the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Vice-Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment of Timor-Leste. He served as Ambassador of Timor-Leste to the United States of America ( Nov. 2009 - August 2012) and to Mexico and Canada from (2011-2012); a leader of Timorese Resistance and author of East Timor Unfinished Struggle. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015





Peer Group of Timorese Facilitators and Trainers for Agro-Biodiversity (ABD) established by MAF, PERMATIL and GIZ/AMBERO

Extension Workers and key farmers jointly increase their facilitation skills for Agro-Biodiversity Management
The best and most committed extension workers and key farmers from past agrobiodiversity trainings and implementation have been selected by the project “Sustainable Management of Agro-Biodiversity in Timor-Leste”, implemented by the Ministry for Agriculture and Fishery (MAF), GIZ/AMBERO and the national NGO PERMATIL, to form a peer group of facilitators and trainers on agro-biodiversity for Timor-Leste.

In a three days training in Dare from 1. to 3. September 2015, participants became active trainers from the very first moment. Along with the new Agro-Biodiversity Training Modules and based on former trainings and implementation experience, both extension workers and farmers themselves facilitated the training sessions on principles of agro-biodiversity, local species and biodiversity-friendly farm practices, home gardens, demonstration plots, group leadership and the use of cash boxes. 

Facilitation skills were improved throughout the training by the fellow participants and the department head of Extension and community Development from MAF, Guilherme Quintao. Facilitator and developer of the training modules, Ego Lemos, from PERMATIL, coached the process, making participants familiar with the training modules and their inter-active use.

Ernesto Soares, farmer from Manelima, Manatuto, farmers group Ain Fatin, said: “ Hau apresia tebe-tebes tuir treino ne’e, aumenta konnesimento hodi atu sai treinador diak ida ba agro-biodiverisdade.” Guilherme Quintao, Department Head Extension and Community development in MAF, states that “all participants appreciated to learn facilitation skills for agro-biodiversity. The external facilitator created a familiar atmosphere, which made it easy for people to learn and to exchange”.

Ego Lemos mentioned that “with this training we can build knowledge and skills of farmers and extension workers to keep agrobiodiversity in Timor-Leste alive. There used to be many wild and domestic species and varieties around the world that produce food. But today agricultural development tends to focus on a few species only. This is threatening agrobiodiversity and the traditional knowledge of local people in every country including Timor-Leste”. 
Apart from the fact that the project could contribute to increase the significance of maintaining biodiversity in agriculture over the past 2,5 years, the experience also shows that not only extension workers, but also farmers can provide agricultural advisory services to fellow farmers. Farmer to farmer extension can be a complementary tool to public extension to increase farmers knowledge and skills and is a way of supporting self-help-initiatives.

For more information please contact:

Beate Quilitzsch-Schuchmann
Team Leader Promotion of sustainable Use of Agro-Biodiversity
M: +670-77133207
E: quilitzsch@ambero.de
AMBERO-IP-NIRAS on behalf of Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Guilherme Quintao
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
M: 78239924


Ego Lemos
M: 77257883

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