Thursday, July 16, 2015

The OCPLP - Cooperative Organization of Portuguese Speaking Countries - began operating in 1991 and its legal formalization occurred July 11, 1997, at Centro Cultural de BelĂ©m in Lisbon. It is an international association of Portuguese law whose fundamental objective the dissemination of cooperative and inter-cooperation among Lusophone cooperatives, maintaining a close and constant contact between the cooperative movements and officials from Portuguese-speaking countries through:
- Promoting economic and social projects as well as promoting the establishment of "joint ventures" for cooperative development;
- Demonstration of intentions and interests of its members, with the European Union institutions, Mercosur, UNDP, ILO, WHO, ACI, CPLP and other international organizations to which any member of OCPLP belong, in promoting the common interests;
- Development of initiatives aimed at achieving its objectives, in line with the law, promote the establishment of economic relations between themselves or with other public and private operators.
The OCPLP consists of several organizations, including the most representative confederations and federations of cooperatives Portuguese-speaking countries.

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